Karlsruhe Series on Software Design and Quality

In this series, edited by Prof. Ralf Reussner, dissertations and postdoctoral theses (Habilitationsschrift) on the engineering foundations of software design are published.

Books from this series are available online and as book on demand from KIT Scientific Publishing.


  1. Steffen Becker: Coupled Model Transformations for QoS Enabled Component-Based Software Design
  2. Heiko Koziolek: Parameter Dependencies for Reusable Performance Specifications of Software Components
  3. Jens Happe: Predicting Software Performance in Symmetric Multi-core and Multiprocessor Environments
  4. Klaus Krogmann: Reconstruction of Software Component Architectures and Behaviour Models using Static and Dynamic Analysis
  5. Michael Kuperberg: Quantifying and Predicting the Influence of Execution Platform on Software Component Performance
  6. Thomas Goldschmidt: View-based Textual Modeling
  7. Anne Koziolek: Automated Improvement of Software Architecture Models for Performance and Other Quality Attributes
  8. Lucia Happe: Configurable Software Performance Completions through Higher-Order Model Transformations
  9. Franz Brosch: Integrated Software Architecture-Based Reliability Prediction for IT Systems
  10. Christoph Rathfelder: Modelling Event-Based Interactions in Component-Based Architectures for Quantitative System Evaluation
  11. Henning Groenda: Certifying Software Component Performance Specifications
  12. Dennis Westermann: Deriving Goal-oriented Performance Models by Systematic Experimentation
  13. Michael Hauck: Automated Experiments for Deriving Performance-relevant Properties of Software Execution Environments
  14. Zoya Durdik: Architectural Design Decision Documentation through Reuse of Design Patterns
  15. Erik Burger: Flexible Views for View-based Model-driven Development
  16. Benjamin Klatt: Consolidation of Customized Product Copies into Software Product Lines
  17. Andreas Rentschler: Model Transformation Languages with Modular Information Hiding
  18. Qais Noorshams: Modeling and Prediction of I/O Performance in Virtualized Environments
  19. Johannes Stammel: Architekturbasierte Bewertung und Planung von Änderungsanfragen
  20. Alexander Wert: Performance Problem Diagnostics by Systematic Experimentation
  21. Christoph Heger: An Approach for Guiding Developers to Performance and Scalability Solutions
  22. Fouad Omri: Weighted Statistical Testing based on Active Learning and Formal Verification Techniques for Software Reliability Assessment
  23. Michael Langhammer: Automated Coevolution of Source Code and Soware Architecture Models
  24. Max Kramer: Specification Languages for Preserving Consistency between Models of Different Languages
  25. Sebastian Lehrig: Efficiently Conducting Quality-of-Service Analyses by Templating Architectural Knowledge
  26. Georg Hinkel: Implicit Incremental Model Analyses and Transformations
  27. Christian Stier: Adaptation-Aware Architecture Modeling and Analysis of Energy Efficiency for Software Systems
  28. Lukas Märtin: Entwurfsoptimierung von selbst-adaptiven Wartungsmechanismen für software-intensive technische Systeme
  29. Axel Busch: Quality-driven Reuse of Model-based Software Architecture Elements
  30. Kiana Busch: An Architecture-based Approach for Change Impact Analysis of Software-intensive Systems
  31. Misha Strittmatter: A Reference Structure for Modular Metamodels of Quality-Describing Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
  32. Markus Kilian Frank: Model-Based Performance Prediction for Concurrent Software on Multicore Architectures — A Simulation-Based Approach
  33. Manuel Gotin: QoS-Based Optimization of Runtime Management of Sensing Cloud Applications
  34. Heiko Klare: Building Transformation Networks for Consistent Evolution of Interrelated Models
  35. Roman Pilipchuk: Architectural Alignment of Access Control Requirements Extracted from Business Processes
  36. Stephan Seifermann: Architectural Data Flow Analysis for Detecting Violations of Confidentiality Requirements
  37. Sofia Ananieva: Consistent View-Based Management of Variability in Space and Time
  38. Robert Heinrich: Architecture-based Evolution of Dependable Software-intensive Systems (Habilitationsschrift)
Dissertation of Misha Strittmatter
Volume 31 of the series.