Software and Language Product Lines

Historical change of the manufacturing line. Steve Jurvetson and Mike Bird (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

The research group Software and Language Product Lines is headed by . As modern software-intensive systems are characterized by increased concurrent variations and rate of change due to evolution, the management of both software configurations and versions over time is a daunting task. To remedy this, this research group investigates both concepts and tools that enable the management of both variants and versions. In addition, this not only covers a single development artifact, but also different heterogeneous development artifacts whose variants and versions must be managed. Besides applications in Automotive Software Development, we investigate how these techniques and methods can be applied to the development of both modeling and programming languages including among others the compiler, syntax-highlighting editor, and debugging support, denoted as Language Product Line Engineering.


The lecture is taught in the winter term and teaches both theoretical and practical skills required to effectively design, implement, and test software product lines.